Lyndon Institute is an academic community providing students with excellent preparation for success in school, college, careers, and life.


The teachers and administrators of Lyndon Institute believe that learning is a process which continues throughout life, and that formal education should provide a sound basis for later development. We recognize that student interest and motivation are vital to educational success and therefore, school should be both a challenging and enjoyable experience for all concerned.

We believe that the primary obligation of the school is to help the student to discover academic, artistic, technological, and athletic aptitudes; to encourage the development of goals appropriate to such aptitude; and to aid in developing the goals for the betterment of one's self and one's community.


To provide a sound education in the academic knowledge and skills fundamental to our society and in the basic process of clear thinking;

To offer an opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop skills appropriate to chosen careers, whether of an academic or technological nature;

To encourage personal development, including development of the student’s respect and concern for self and others, and development of a sense of social responsibility through community service;

To provide a variety of opportunities for emotional and physical development.