The Fine and Performing Arts

Lyndon Institute reflects our community's commitment to the arts by requiring all students to take at least one credit in the fine arts during their high school career.

The Fine and Performing Arts faculty firmly believe that “art is a unifying language.” Through serious application, relevant experiences, and professional guidance, students learn self-discipline and freedom of expression simultaneously, current and best educational practice in each of the arts (fine and performing), as well as excellent preparation for college and or a professional career.

Lyndon Institute is one of the few high schools in Vermont that offers a complete range of Fine and Performing Arts courses.  These include full course loads in each discipline: fine and graphic arts, theater, instrumental and vocal music, and dance. Students can choose from a range of classes in each of the disciplines ranging from introduction to art, photography, AP level art classes, and painting; acting, introduction and techniques in dance, jazz and lyrical ballet, dance history and improvisation/composition to dance company, plus concert and jazz band to chorus and select chorus.

The Fine and Performing Arts teachers instruct to the whole student – physical, cognitive, social, and emotional being – and meets each student at their individual needs and learning styles. Our instruction is current in our field and is designed specifically to prepare the students for the arts beyond high school with relevant experiences, professional trips and guests, and a multitude of opportunities to showcase and share work.

The Fine and Performing Arts program gives students the opportunity to explore and grow in their own creative energies and talents by fostering individual self-motivation and self-evaluation.