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Precision Machining

Precision Machining prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills in all aspects of shaping metal work pieces.  Students will also machine and shape other materials like wood, laminates, acrylic, solid surface and rendition materials.  Emphasis is placed upon bench work and the operation of lathes, power saws, milling machines, grinders, planers and computerized numerical controlled (CNC) machines.  Instruction also includes; the use of precision measuring instruments such as layout tools, various micrometers, calipers and indicating gauges; various methods of machining; blueprint reading; and layout of work pieces before machining.  Instruction prepares students to setup and operate all types of manual and CNC machines.  Students will become familiar with a wide variety of hand tools and equipment associated with a manufacturing machine shop, wood shop and a home shop environment.  The skills learned in this class will be useful throughout a student’s lifetime.  The course begins with a week of tool and shop safety.  The students will demonstrate safe usage of all equipment during the school year. There are at least 10 assigned projects that vary in difficulty and tool usage. 

Students enrolled in this program will also be allowed a dual enrollment in one college class per year with Central Maine Community College.  There are four college credits students can earn from these two free classes.  These credits are transferable to most any Vermont college. See Central Maine Community College syllabus and dual enrollment expectations in the Course Syllabus/Machining Handbook.  

You can learn more about this course and other CTE offerings in our Course Catalog.

Earn college credit!

Students can also earn dual-enrollment college credit in selected classes:


Early Childhood Education
-    Intro to Early Childhood Education
     3 credits
-    Communication in Early Childhood 
     and After School Workplace
     3 credits
-    Infant and Toddler Development
     3 credits
-    Fostering Creativity - 3 credits
Allied Health 
-    Medical Terminology - 3 credits
-    Human Biology - 3 credits
Precision Machining
-    Intro to Lathes - 2 credits
-    Intro to Milling & Grinding - 
2 credits
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