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Project Bike Tech

Project Bike Tech is a two-year program at Lyndon Institute where students earn industry certifications from manufacturers. Whether graduates directly enter the workforce or continue on to college, they become aware of how core academic principles can be applied in real-world situations, how cycling can lead to a healthy and green lifestyle, and how to properly present themselves as a prospective employee regardless of where they pursue a career.

Project Bike Tech uses bicycle mechanics as a conduit to teach Common CORE and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) elements to students. The curriculum consists of components from the systems diagnostics, service, and repair elements of transportation, with subjects from travel and tourism, such as adventure and ecological tourism. Students in the program also incorporate career building skills and techniques as a component of their experience, and they leave the course knowing the basics of portfolio building, resume writing, and interview tactics.

Students in the program are provided a stepping stone to a multitude of cycling industry careers including but not limited to: engineering, fabrication, marketing, graphic art, sales, writing for publication, trail building, fit specialist, and event management. Students will have a mix of both classroom and lab time which focuses on the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century cycling industry.

In collaboration with Kingdom Trails, a top-ranked mountain bike destination on the east coast, free passes are provided for all of the students in the Project Bike Tech program and internship opportunities are made available as well. Only a ten-minute drive from the Lyndon Institute campus, this partnership makes for a unique hands-on approach to learning from industry leaders.
Earn college credit!

Students can also earn dual-enrollment college credit in selected classes:


Early Childhood Education
-    Intro to Early Childhood Education
     3 credits
-    Communication in Early Childhood 
     and After School Workplace
     3 credits
-    Infant and Toddler Development
     3 credits
-    Fostering Creativity - 3 credits
Allied Health 
-    Medical Terminology - 3 credits
-    Human Biology - 3 credits
Precision Machining
-    Intro to Lathes - 2 credits
-    Intro to Milling & Grinding - 
2 credits
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