At Lyndon Institute, the College and Career Counseling Department helps students manage all aspects of the college application process. Once you have decided on the schools you want to apply to, you need to do the following: 

1. Stop by the College and Career Counseling office to set up files for each of the colleges. 

2. International students and their parents should review the College Application Guide for International Students.

3. At Lyndon Institute, we recommend that students use Naviance.  Most colleges are members of that service, which allows student applications, essays, counselor recommendations, teacher recommendations, and transcripts to be sent electronically. For colleges or universities that are not Naviance members, students will either select a school-specific online application, or a paper application. Any other materials needed to complete an application will be mailed out by the College and Career Counseling Department. We include a self-addressed, stamped postcard which is returned to us verifying the receipt of your completed application. A file is kept in the College and Career Counseling office of teacher recommendations, essays, etc. for use with scholarship applications. 

4. In most instances, counselor recommendations are written after applicants make an online request through the Naviance. Before the recommendation is written, each applicant is personally interviewed. Most teacher recommendations are also made with an online request.  However, before seeking a teacher recommendation via an online process, students should make the request in person. Teachers may ask for a personal information sheet. Those sheets are available in the College and Career Counseling office. REMEMBER, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THANK ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOU!  

5. Begin working on your application and essay. Make sure a teacher, parent, or a member of the College and Career Counseling team proofread both documents. If you want to file your application online, we recommend you do it from the College and Career Counseling office. If you complete your application online from home, we will need you to print out a hard-copy for your file.

6. Pay attention to deadlines. Do not wait until the last minute. The College and Career Counseling Department needs at least a week before a deadline to compile your materials. Pay special attention to application deadlines that fall within the Christmas break. These applications need to be completed at least one week before the vacation.

7. All colleges and universities are now required by the federal government to include "Net Price Indicators" on their websites, usually in the financial aid section. Parents and students can use this feature to plug in academic information, as well as family financial information, to get an estimate of the type of merit and need-based financial aid that should be expected.


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