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boys volleyball

Casey Tanner - Head Coach

The Lyndon Institute Boys Volleyball Program is dedicated to establishing and fostering the concepts of integrity, dedication, and teamwork into our student-athletes. The goal of this program is not only to instruct the student-athletes on how to become better volleyball players but also to instruct them on how to become more engaged students and citizens alike; after all, we are dealing with student-athletes, a term in which ‘student’ comes before ‘athlete,’ and should therefore be emphasized.  

We often have a diverse group of players, and consequently, we prioritize the ideas of understanding and solidarity in order to best accomplish these goals. Given this agenda, it should be noted that winning is not the major task at hand, but rather the success, and how one should best define success. We teach that success is a process in which we strive for progress, not that success is a conclusive result. In order to best accomplish this, we cultivate integrity, dedication, and teamwork in order to establish the aura of an academically inclined athletic environment.  

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