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Lyndon Institute to Present the Annual Winter Dance Recital

November 22nd, 2019 by Rebecca McGregor

It is rare to find high schools that offer all four art forms–the visual arts, music, drama, and dance education.  We are fortunate to have the arts represented so strongly in our local communities, and to kick off the winter season the Lyndon Insitute (LI) Dance Department will warm your hearts by sharing with you our love of dance.

LI’s annual Winter Dance Recital will take place on Thursday, December 5th, at 7 pm on the LI Alumni Auditorium stage. Around 60 LI dance students will perform choreographies that focus on not just traditional dance form (ballet, modern, jazz, tap) but showcase thematic work around the ideal of positive self-care and community. A majority of the dances this semester took time to develop as the students worked on using dance as a means of communication. In the performance, you will see dancers demonstrating various ways to connect to one another with self-expression, communication, and building community through movement. For this work, we look at the impact of social media, loving ourselves for how incredible we truly are, basic etiquette, and how to overcome adversity through movement. As a dance community we realize that deep down we are not all that different from one another, and that it is important for us to look past our differences and stop comparing ourselves to one another so we can appreciate who we truly are and how we can all come together to make our communities stronger, more inclusive, and more positive.

Students in the LI dance program work hard not just on learning the foundations of movement, the terminology essential in the fundamental dance styles (ballet, modern and jazz), and the elements of dance (time, space, and energy), they also have an opportunity to work with professional artists, attend professional performances, study anatomy/physiology, the history of dance, and become critical thinkers through analysis of movement, critique, and reflection.

Dance is not just a physical exploration of movement at Lyndon Institute. In the LI dance program, students develop life-long wellness and other skills that will enable them to grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively. They make connections and apply learning outside the dance classroom and gain an appreciation for not only themselves but for others and the world around them through the art of dance education.

The LI dancers encourage you to come out and see their hard work on December 5th at 7 p.m. Admission is by donation. For more information contact Rebecca McGregor at 802-535-3636.

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