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Update Regarding Transition to Online Learning

March 17th, 2020

Dear LI Students and Families:
For the past several days, we have been preparing to make the change from our typical daily routines at school to new routines associated with remote learning.  This is a new experience for all involved—students, teachers and parents—and the learning curve can be steep.  Nonetheless, many of the routines associated with teaching and learning will continue, but there will certainly be some notable differences.
Students, classes resume tomorrow (Wednesday, March 18).  With the switch to online courses come some things that we wouldn’t think about during a typical school schedule.  One of these is the schedule itself.  Students, we do not expect nor want you to sit in front of a computer from 8:00 – 3:00 each day.  However, you do need to think about creating a work schedule for yourself.  Your advisors will be checking in with each of you to help create, tweak, and maintain this schedule on a regular basis.  On that note, students should not hesitate to reach out to their advisor with any questions or concerns they might have about online learning or anything else.  Parents, this invitation is extended to you as well.
Teachers have been asked to be mindful of students’ workload in terms of online learning.  We are aware that this is new for all of us, meaning that we will initially take small steps in order to establish a level of comfort for everyone involved before increasing expectations.  Students, in the next couple of days, your teachers will reach out to you to establish virtual office hours so that they can provide you with individual support with your coursework.  This might take the form of a phone call, a video conference, email, or discussion board—whatever works best for you.  However, please know that you can always reach out for assistance at any time and your teachers will respond in a timely manner.  If you find yourself struggling with remote learning, let your teachers know sooner rather than later and the appropriate adjustments will be made.  Remember, your teachers are here to support you.
The best way for parents and students to communicate with teachers, administration, and support staff is via email.  Starting tomorrow, office phones will have voicemails forwarded to the appropriate email address.  If you do leave a voicemail with someone, you should expect that it might take roughly 24 hours for a response.  Nonetheless, we will do our best to return your call as soon as possible.
Additionally, I want you to know that LI is actively taking steps toward slowing the spread of this coronavirus.  Starting tomorrow, most buildings at LI will be closed and only a few individuals will be allowed on campus.  We are asking students and parents to not visit the school until further notice.  This allows us to practice social distancing as well as provide each building and classroom with a deep clean.  Once a room has been cleaned, it will be sealed and entrance will be prohibited until we decide otherwise.
Finally, stay healthy and take care of one another.  Your health and well-being—both physical and mental—is our utmost concern.  Please practice the appropriate levels of hygiene.  Proper handwashing is one of the most effective steps we must all take in order to beat this virus.  Social distancing is another and it is imperative that we all limit our physical interactions with one another during this time.  However, this does not imply that we do not remain connected.  I urge parents, students, teachers and staff to embrace the practice of over-communication and reach out to one another without hesitation and for any and all reasons.  After all, our sense of community is the bedrock on which our school is built.

Be well,

Adam Norwood, Ed.D.
Assistant Head for Curriculum & Instruction

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