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Lyndon Institute Celebrates Alumni Gymnasium Donation

July 23rd, 2020

Lyndon Institute is honored to announce that Alumni Gymnasium will be receiving a major refurbishment.  Through the graciousness and generosity of a loving friend to LI, Ms. Laura Ashton, new state-of-the-art flooring will be installed in the coming months. 

The original floor, installed in 1965, has reached the end of its life and cannot effectively be resurfaced.  It will be replaced by a product referred to as Bio-Channel Star and will allow for improved shock absorption and ball bounce for better player performance. The University of Vermont will be installing the same floor system in its new Tarrant Center.

When asked the reason for supporting this much-needed project, our wonderful donor had this to say:

“I did not grow up in Lyndon or the Northeast Kingdom, as my husband did. However, over the last twenty years that we have lived here, I have come to love Lyndon Institute and what it offers its students and the wider community. In particular, I love watching the students as they grow and mature during their time at LI through their participation in the many opportunities offered by the school.

The Alumni Gymnasium is very important to the youth of the whole community and LI students in particular. When I became aware of the need for the replacement of the gymnasium floor, I wanted to make its replacement a personal priority. Our lifestyle is simple and not extravagant. We don’t buy a new vehicle every few years. Our Camry was 15 years old when we replaced it. Our home is modest. One of the things we both value highly is education and how important a good education is to the future of this region and our country.

Having worked as a camp counselor and a Physical Education teacher, I strongly believe in the importance of physical activity and its role in the development of youth and high school students. Both individual and team sports help in the development of healthy, happy, and engaged individuals. Team sports, in particular, teach the importance of: teamwork, self-discipline and hard work; working toward a common goal; the joy that comes with success as well as the disappointment that comes with defeat. My support for the gymnasium floor replacement is also a show of my support for the great administration, faculty and staff of Lyndon Institute. In particular, I greatly appreciate the work of Twila Perry, Head of School, Melissa Hall, Director of Development, and Eric Berry, Director of Athletics and Activities.”

The new floor is scheduled to be in place prior to the 2020 winter sports season.  We deeply appreciate this donation and the improvements to our facility that it makes possible.  We look forward to the day when we are all able to gather on campus to celebrate this wonderful gift.

If you would like additional information on LI’s campus renewal initiatives, please contact Melissa Hall, Director of Development by email: [email protected] or phone: (802)535-3773.

Photo Caption: Laura Ashton (left) stands with husband Richard Ashton in Lyndon Insitute’s Alumni Gymnasium. Ms. Ashton has generously donated to replace LI’s gymnasium floor that was installed in 1965.
Photo Credit: Javin Leonard - Lyndon Institute

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