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  • Adult Continuing Education Contact Information 2016/2017

    Contact Information

    Douglas Pilotte – Adult Continuing Education Coordinator
    Meagan Corrow - Office Assistant
    Office Phone: 802-535-3695
    Tech. Office Fax: 802-535-3712
    (off  when school is not in session)

    Locked Drop Box outside entrance door for after hours.
    Location: Adult Continuing Education is located in the lower level of the Baker Building on lower campus (next to Lyndon Center Post office).
    Enter back of building – door on right – 2nd door on left off hallway.
    Adult Continuing Education offers the following training programs;
    v  On Campus Classes (go to – click on Academics - click on adult continuing education – click on courses)
    v  On-site and custom training programs for businesses
    v  Individual (one on one) classes
    v  Online classes
  • All Dates & Times are subject to change without notice Check Website often for updates!

  • - ONLINE COURSES - Computer Class - Medical Coding + 300 more

    High quality and affordable courses you can take online at home .Check us out ~ over 300 course ~
    go to;

     "Lyndon Institute Inc. is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online courses."

    Live Instructor Led Online Courses for Appraisers
    Home Inspection
  • Basic Welding April 29, 2017

    Basic Welding
     April 29 - May 27 2017
    Saturdays 9-12 & 1-4 pm
    Tuition: $500.00 (30 hours)
    Book: $40.00
  • Landscaping, A Practical Approach with Jim Brown ~ May 13, 2017

    Saturday ~ 9:00 – 12:00 & 1:00-4:00 pm (Bring a lunch)
    Baker Building Room B705 (Lower Level) Lyndon Center Campus
    Dates: May 13, 2017
    Tuition: $60.00 (6 hours) 
    Landscaping, A Practical Approach 
            Instructor: James R. Brown, Home phone, 802 748-6286, 9am - 8pm
                               Short work bio: Owner/Operator Pine Gardens Landscape & Nursery 2004         J.M. Landscape & Nursery, 1992 to 2004
            Started in 1988, Zales Tree & Landscape, Brockport, NY
                               As a former math teacher, I began to understand that textbooks taught it backwards. Better to need a certain math expression and then solve, rather than have lots of math expressions with no connection to any reality. We will work on a project first, you as my crew members, then, look at and discuss the design ideas, install means, maintenance methods, supply needs and offer further advice.   
         Hour 1               1. Intros all around, name, home, reason for being here.
     2. Brief talk on my reason for teaching the course.
    1. a.  Need skilled, knowledgable workers
    2. b.  New owners/operators to help customers.
    i. Niche markets, customer preferences  3. Look at tools, equipment, supplies, vehicles.
    1. a.  Repair
    2. b.  Maintain
    3. c.  tool needs
    4. d.  supplies  4. Form crews.
         a. Group leader listens well first, then, communicates.
    Hour 2              1. Work expectations, examples
    1. 2.  Job to complete
    2. 3.  Walk through of work to be done.
    3. 4.  Discussion and final assignments.
    Hour 3             1. Start work on site. Safety first, means slow down, do it right.
    1. a.  Weed wacker use and technique
    2. b.  Hand saw
    3. c.  Chain saw
      1. 2.  Observe, Evaluate as work is being done.
      2. 3.  Respect & Etiquette, customer & competitor   4. Clean up, finish the site.
    Lunch Break
    Hour 4             1. Observe, evaluate site.
    1. 2.  Make further design possibilities.
    2. 3.  Back to classroom.
    3. 4.  Work space summaries.
    Hour 5              1. Discussion of estimates, based on time and materials
    a. Billing, honesty & integrity  2. Examples and samples discussion.
    1. 3.  Design Elements, outdoor spaces.
    2. 4.  Readings from texts, pro periodicals, journals
    Hour 6             1. Economies of scale, start small, very little to no debt.
    1. 2.  Reading references.
    2. 3.  Course evaluation discussion and input.
         a. Course eval form.
    1. 4.  Self evaluation, reflection.
    Sample Course Syllabus Reference In this course you will:
    •      Learn the basics of landscaping including harmony, balance, color, natural transitions, proportion and line.
    •      Learn how to assess your present landscape needs.
    •      Learn how to assess the purpose of your landscape.
    •      Learn how to gather ideas and whether to use professional help or not.
    •      Learn how to plan your landscape, and schedule the work.
    •      Learn how to avoid common landscaping mistakes.
    •      Learn how to make the most of what you have.
    •      Learn about soils and importance of cultivation.
    •      Learn how to start your own landscaping business.
    •      Learn how to properly maintain and repair tools and equipment.
    •      Learn proper etiquette and respect for customer and competitor.
    •      The tools and planning needed to create your landscape.
    •      The process of assessing your landscaping needs and finding the best solutions.
    •      Avoiding problems and mistakes while planning your landscape.
    •      Getting started.
    •      How to draw up a base plan and landscape plan.
    •      An estimate of how plan will cost. Time and material based estimates.
    •      Ideas on how to dress and light up your outdoor living space.
    •      The properties of soil including pH balance and acidity levels. 

    A Certificate of Training will be issued upon completion of 6 hours of training!
  • Commercial Driving License (CDL) Class Class A & B June 12 & September 11, 2017

    Commercial Drivers License (Class A & Class B CDL)
    CDL Partnership Program
    Lyndon Institute - St.Johnsbury Academy - Mike Giroux - Les Morrison
    To Register Contact;
    Lyndon Institute Adult Education    or  St. Johnsbury Academy Adult Education                                               
    Douglas Pilotte                                      Marina Cole
    Phone: 1.802.535.3695                        Phone: 1.802.748.7738
    Fax: 1.802.535.3712                            Fax: 1.802.751.2236

    Class Name: Vermont Commercial Drivers License (CDL)
    Instructor: Giroux General Transport
    Days & Times: Monday - Fridays ~ 8 am-2 pm
    Start Dates:Two classes to choose from ~ only six students per class
    June 12, 2017 ~  September 11, 2017

    TUITION: Class A $5200.00 (148 hours)  ~   Class B $3500.00 (75 hours)

    Discounts if qualify:
    WETF FUND $2000.00 (only first 12 students) 
    LI/SJA $400.00 (only first 12 students)  
    VSAC $2500.00 (
     VTRAN $1500.00

    CDL Course:
    This course is designed for the beginner and includes all phases of CDL training, on the road and in the classroom, all expenses are included in tuition price.Class B runs for a minimum of 75 hours and is for those who want to drive a straight trucks such as dump trucks, fuel trucks buses etc. Class A runs for a minimum of 148 hours,this class is for students wanting to drive Tractor Trailers.These classes include classroom, behind the wheel  practicing and over the road driving. Class upgrades as well as other endorsements; air brakes, passenger, school bus, tanker are offered for those already holding commercial   drivers licenses.
    Training includes backing and maneuvering, load securement, adverse weather and night driving, and coupling and uncoupling (as applicable to licensing).
    Valid Driver’s License
    Department of Transportation Medical Card
    Clean Drug & Alcohol Test
    18 years old to drive in Vermont
    21 years old to drive in other states
    Must be 18 years old or older to be in this class
    It is the policy of Lyndon Institute & St. Johnsbury Academy not to discriminate on the basis of a student’s or family member’s actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, age, military/uniformed service or veteran status, disability, or other legally-protected classification in the provision and administration of its education programs, activities, services, and access provided to the public, in accordance with and to the limits of applicable requirements of state and federal laws. Lyndon Institute complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as well as other applicable state and federal laws with respect to accommodating individuals with disabilities. Lyndon Institute provides special education to eligible students in accordance with the School’s special education approval from the State of Vermont, state and federal legal requirements, the School’s policies

  • Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) July 3, 2017

    LNA Class

    Start Date:
    July 3, 2017
    Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays ~ 4:00 -8:00 pm
    Some Saturdays (1/2 & full days)
    Tuition: $1350.00 ~ (104 Hours)
  • Basic Welding - July 3, 2017 Weekdays Monday - Friday

    Basic Welding
    Start Date: July 3, 2017
    Monday - Friday ~ 9-12 & 1-4 pm
    Tuition:$500.00 (30 hours) 
    Book: $40.00
    Class 1 & 2  Introduction to Welding –OAW – introduction to gas welding – issue - safety equipment – gas welding equipment identification set up -
    Adjustments and lighting the torch to proper welding flame – shut down. Introduction to gas fusion welding without filler rod – molten puddles,
    Stringer bead and outside corner joints, Introduction to gas fusion welding with filler rod-buttons, inch man,
    Stringer ,bead and outside corner joint. Butt joint, Lap joint, T-Fillet joint
    And Strap joint.
    Class 3 & 4 Introduction to OAC – oxygen cutting and plasma arc cutting – safety, set up and adjustments – cutting straight, and angular, piercing and cutting holes. Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) – safety – equipment identification – Set up and amperage adjustments – introduction – lead angle, work angle, arc length, and travel speed, buttons and stringers.
    Class 5 & 6 - Arc welding continued – electrodes – E6011, E6013, E7018, and E7024.Electrode identification, and welding current types – AC, DCSP, DCRP.
    Arc welding – padding, open butt joint, lap joint, and T- fillet joint.
    Class 7 & 8 Introduction to brazing – safety – ventilation – introduction –
    Identification to filler – set up and adjustment of equipment – recognition of capillary action versus fusion.
     Introduction to heating, bending and twisting of metal – safety –
    Instruction and technique.
    Class 9 & 10  Introdustion to MIG & TIG Welding
  • Phlebotomy Class Start Date: July 6, 2017

    Phlebotomy Class (NHA Certification)
    Days & Times:Tuesdays and Thursdays ~ 4-8pm ~ Some Saturdays
    Dates: July 6,2017
    Classroom Location:Vail Building - LNA Room
    Clinical Site Location: TBA
    Tuition:$1150.00 (60 hours classroom & Lab. - 24 hours clinical = 84 hours)
    Book: (Included in tuition)
    Testing: Extra

    Documentation needed
    Background Check (required by clinical establishment)

    Hospitals, laboratories and other employers have an increasing demand for phlebotomists. Most seek, and many require, a professional certification. With a CPT certification, you’ll have the credentials you need to set yourself apart from other applicants as you embark on a rewarding healthcare career. As more employers require phlebotomy certifications, a CPT will help improve your marketability in a growing and rewarding field.

    As a Phlebotomy Technician, you may perform some or all of the following tasks:

    • Draw blood from patients and blood donors
    • Evaluate patients’ ability to withstand procedure
    • Explain blood-drawing procedure to patients and answer questions
    • Perform basic point of care testing, such as blood glucose levels
    • Prepare blood, urine and other specimens for testing
    • Verify patient/donor identity
    • Maintain medical equipment such as needles, test tubes and blood vials
    Phlebotomy Technicians are critical team members at hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and blood donor centers. As advancements in medical technology rise, it’s an especially exciting time to begin a career in this thriving field. Earning your Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CPT) certification from NHA can give employers confidence in your skills and abilities. Set yourself up for success and reach your career goals in the rewarding healthcare industry.
    Test Qualifications:

    Eighty Four (84) hours of Classroom - Lab and Clinical Training
    Computer Based Exam: 100+ questions - 2 ½ hours to complete
    Twenty Five (25) uncued Sticks & Ten (10) capillary samples plus one (1) feathered slide.
  • Metal Art Welding - July 10, 2017 Weekdays - Monday - Thursday

    Metal Art Welding 
    Instructor: Melissa Tyler
    Dates:July 10 - 13, 2017
    Monday- Thursday - 9-12 & 1-4 pm
    Location: True Building (downstairs) Lyndon Center Campus
    Tuition: $400.00 (24 hours) 

    ove metal art and want to learn to create your own? This is the class for you. Learn how to create metal art projects for you home and yard.
  • TIG Welding - July 24, 2017 Weekdays Monday - Friday

     TIG Welding
    Start Date: July 24, 2017
    Monday - Friday ~ 9-12 & 1-4 pm
    Tuition: $550.00 (30 hours)
  • MIG Welding - August 7, 2017 Weekdays Monday - Friday

    MIG Welding
    Monday - Friday ~ 9-12 & 1-4 pm
    True Building (downstairs) Lyndon Center Campus
    August 7 - 11, 2017
    Tuition: $550.00 ~ 30 Hours
    This course includes: set-up of equipment, proper selection of current, voltage, wire speed & shielding gas for type and thickness of metal, wire feed, feeder wire, mig cable wire core, feed drive rolls, contact tips & Proper DC set-up for metal.
    A certificate will be issued upon 30 hours of completed work.


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