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Graphic Arts

Beginner Graphic Arts Level I Class:
Graphic Arts is a technical program that emphasizes advertising, design, publishing, fine arts printing, and a variety of other applications, using MAC's and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. The student will learn to design with the professional results that are expected in today’s industry. Careers in the graphic arts can offer satisfying jobs with unlimited potential for advancement. Using the Principles of Design and Elements as a focus of study for the full year course, students will be exposed to the limitless possibilities for creative expression through the use of industry standard software. Emphasis will be on strengthening individual creativity through each units of study including composition, typography, color theory, terminology, print portfolios, folder organization, graphic design history, graphic design careers, print production & preflighting, file saving, branding and 2 dimensional/3 dimensional projects. The students will partake in the Lyndon State College Annual Design Competition as well. The students will be building on their experiences to achieve fuller understanding of the application of design in the past, present and future as it applies to the software programs, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, and InDesign CC.
Topics covered:
  • History of Graphic Design
  • File Organizing & Saving - USB / Dropbox etc.
  • MAC Overview
  • Composition
  • Typography
  • Color Theory
  • Professional Matting & Mathematical Measurements
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Identity Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Publications Design
  • Environmental & Information Design
  • 2 Dimensional / 3 Dimensional Design
  • Pre-flight & Print Production
  • Graphic Design Careers
  • Industry Design Software
Advanced Graphic Arts Level II Class:
Graphic Arts is a technical program that emphasizes advertising, design, publishing, fine arts printing, and a variety of other applications, MAC's and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. The student will expand on their knowledge base achieved in Graphic Arts Level I by expanding their printed and electronic professional portfolios with independent project based work.  Students will challenge themselves with enhanced creative pieces, garnering a detailed understanding of industry standard software.  The class will also have a Dual Enrollment component with Lyndon State College.  A client community project will occur with a non profit organization or entity in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  A field trip will be held to the Museum of Fine Arts & Design, New York City, New York to expand a student’s knowledge of the history of graphic design and its applications today. Students will present their final portfolios of work to a group of administration, faculty, staff and students.  The students will use industry standard software programs, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, and InDesign CC.
Topics covered:
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Portfolio Assembling
  • Digital Portfolio Organization
  • Print Portfolio Organization
  • Independent Portfolio Projects
  • Portfolio Presentation
  • Community Collaboration Research, Design & Presentation
  • Print Production & Bidding
  • Field Trip Museum of Fine Arts & Design
  • Dual Enrollment Component
Earn college credit!

Students can also earn dual-enrollment college credit in selected classes:


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-    Intro to Early Childhood Education
     3 credits
-    Communication in Early Childhood 
     and After School Workplace
     3 credits
-    Infant and Toddler Development
     3 credits
-    Fostering Creativity - 3 credits

Central Maine Community College

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-    Medical Terminology - 3 credits
Precision Machining
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-    Intro to Milling & Grinding - 
2 credits
A group of eight graphic designs students from Lyndon Institute attended Lyndon State College’s 12th Annual High School Design Competition last week. Students from six schools attended the event. The students were formed into teams with students from the other schools and challenged to design a poster that will be used to promote next year’s competition in 2017.

The students were allowed to bring concepts, tools and components to use in their design. Examples are pencils, paper, cameras, illustrations and photographs. Students designed their projects using Adobe’s  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat and also printed and mounted their final piece. As part of the event, graphic arts instructors also met with the faculty of Lyndon State College to further discuss the assessment process and share program ideas.

LI junior Keirnan Bailiey was on the second place team and classmate Daniela Sormova was on the third place team. This year’s competition marked another successful year for LI design students following last year’s first and fourth place finishes.  According to Mrs. Bridget Atkins, LI’s graphic design instructor, "students from LI are given an opportunity to take their classroom skills and apply them in a real world client project setting.  They had to collaborate, work together, share ideas and come together as a team with other design students they did not know for the betterment of the design project, giving them a real world example of what occurs in a professional design setting".


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