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The Foundry

LI Headmaster Daren Houck is pleased to announce a new partnership with LI and The Foundry to create a “makerspace” on the LI campus.  The Foundry is an area non-profit that brings together professional engineers who strive to support creative entrepreneurs and familiarize young people with technical skills in a shop setting.    

The new makerspace will be located in the True Building on the campus of Lyndon Institute.   The partnership allows space for members of the Foundry to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas using LI’s metal fabrication and woodworking shop.  Lyndon Institute students can participate if accompanied by a Lyndon Institute employee.  The current agreement allows the Foundry to use the space three days per week (Monday and Wednesday, 5-8:30 p.m. and Saturday, 9 am – 1 p.m).

“Our alliance with Lyndon Institute allows the Foundry to advance its mission of empowering creative and talented people with the resources to innovate and develop their ideas.  We want to build a community where arts and the sciences can work together and freely share ideas.  We want to nurture individual business enterprises and have a long-term positive social and economic impact on the Northeast Kingdom.  Lyndon Institute is an ideal partner in this endeavor, both by merit of their resources, and more importantly, in their deep desire for these community goals to be successful,” said Jim Schenck, President of the Foundry.

Makerspaces have been described as “community centers with tools.”  The combination of manufacturing tools, community and education enables community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone.

Headmaster Houck is pleased to welcome The Foundry to campus. “I am excited to share our campus with The Foundry. I firmly believe that schools and their resources should be places for ‘creative play’ and professional development not only for students but also for adults in the community. I love the idea of LI being open after school, on weekends and over vacations. This partnership solidifies our commitment to real-world learning and application by having all who study here engage in critical thinking and problem solving through the development and creation of new products. We want LI to be an idea factory full of rigor and creativity.”

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