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Maintenance and Operations

Employees with careers in maintenance/operations keep our future intact! These are the people who unload, inspect, and move new equipment into position. They determine the optimal placement of machines in a plant, assemble machinery, install machinery, repair machinery and perform preventive maintenance. They detect, diagnose and correct minor problems on machinery. They keep the structure of an establishment in good repair. They maintain the smooth operation of refineries, power plants, chemical plants and mills.
  • Recognize and employ universal construction signs and symbols
  • Use troubleshooting procedures when solving a maintenance problem to maintain buildings and structures
  • Apply construction skills when repairing, restoring, or renovating existing structures to ensure long-term use of buildings and structures
  • Evaluate and assess an existing structure to determine work required to repair or renovate to restore operation of buildings and structures
  • Plan and practice preventative maintenance activities to service existing structures
  • Maintain and inspect operational systems to achieve smooth operation of facilities
Earn college credit!

Students can also earn dual-enrollment college credit in selected classes:


Early Childhood Education
-    Intro to Early Childhood Education
     3 credits
-    Communication in Early Childhood 
     and After School Workplace
     3 credits
-    Infant and Toddler Development
     3 credits
-    Fostering Creativity - 3 credits
Allied Health 
-    Medical Terminology - 3 credits
-    Human Biology - 3 credits
Precision Machining
-    Intro to Lathes - 2 credits
-    Intro to Milling & Grinding - 
2 credits
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