Lyndon Institute
An independent day and boarding school for grades 9 - 12 located in northeastern Vermont
The integration of technology in education is essential for a relevant educational experience in the 21st century. The purpose of technology integration at Lyndon Institute is to increase awareness of the tools and educational potential that are afforded through technology and to improve the school community's level of comfort and skill in using technology while at LI and beyond.

Google Apps for Education and the Chromebook Program

Lyndon Institute is proud to be a school that utilizes Google Apps for Education.
Google Apps for Education is a package of online applications that makes communicating and collaborating at school easier and more efficient. The cornerstone of Google Apps is Gmail, Google's web-based email program, which integrates with Google Docs, for creating and sharing documents, and Google Calendar, for coordinating schedules. All of these services are hosted online, so email, documents, and calendars are always accessible from any computer. 
All incoming freshmen receive a Google Chromebook.  Chrome devices maximize the benefits of the Google Apps for Education environment making communications with students, faculty and staff efficient and more effective.

Chrome devices empower our students to:

•    Scale access to the web with computers that are simple to use and easy to distribute
•    Share devices among students, with no manual set-up for different users
•    Enjoy constant connectivity through integrated Wi-Fi across campus
•    Administer machines throughout the school, in any location

Lyndon Institute prides itself on aligning the technology curriculum to the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) from the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). The 2012 ISTE NETS-S is constructed of six different standards that prepare students for success in school, careers, and life.

Creativity and Innovation: Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

Communication and Collaboration: Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

Research and Information Fluency: Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

Information Services

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  • Rick Libera 

    IS Specialist
  • Brian Wheeler 

    IS Specialist


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Lyndon Institute is a comprehensive, independent high school providing thoughtful and rigorous preparation for students of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond to reach their intellectual, creative, and physical potential.