Lyndon Institute
An independent day and boarding school for grades 9 - 12 located in northeastern Vermont
Board of Trustees:
Michel (Sanderson) Richards '71, President
Paula (Graves) Gaskin '71, Vice President
Jeff O'Meara '04, Treasurer
Kathy (Jackson) Smith '93
Tim Kirchoff '96
Paul Wheeler '74
Candace Dane '74
Michael Matteis, '89
Kathy (Bassett) Newland '67
Sherry Ronan Noyes '63

Member at Large:
Lindsay (Jones) Carpenter '02

Life Members:
Shirley (Beane) Pierce '53
Norman Legge '56
Dwight A. Davis '50
Gertrude (Angell) Grant '49
Robert G. Heath '58

Clerk of the Corporation:
Heather (Root) Wheeler


Lyndon Institute
168 Institute Circle
P.O. Box 127
Lyndon Center, VT  05850
844-277-1645 (toll-free)
802-535-3636 (local)
“Per Aspera Ad Astra” - through hard work you reach the stars.
Lyndon Institute is a comprehensive, independent high school providing thoughtful and rigorous preparation for students of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond to reach their intellectual, creative and physical potential.