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Nordic Skiing

Head CoachChris Manges
Assistant CoachJill Nichols

Nordic skiing has a long storied history at LI and is a lifelong sport closely tied to the region. 
In the Nordic program we provide daily physical and mental challenges for skiers teaching them everything they need to know about this challenging but rewarding activity. 

Skiers see the full gamut of NEK winter weather, endeavoring to persevere and pushing their limits in practices and races. Training and racing in these conditions requires lots of courage and commitment. Nordic skiing builds character and teaches participants valuable life lessons as they take care of each other and accomplish things they never thought possible at the outset. We are a safe and caring crew with experienced skiers helping novices and training groups differentiated based on ability and physical stamina.

Nordic draws an eclectic mix of folks, the team is co-ed and we have both local and international kids represented. Skiers are coached by an experienced staff and given regular feedback on their performance in practices and races with oral communication as well as video/film. Many skiers who graduate come back to visit and ski with us after they have left LI. We have a tradition of doing an all-night ski-a-thon that is an intense experience that creates lasting memories and really bonds the team. 

We regularly help local youth programs on weekends teaching them how to ski.  As far as connecting to the region, Nordic allows all of us to appreciate the NEK as we watch the sunset from Kingdom Trails on Darling Ridge or explore the Willoughby State Forest. We also see some other amazing areas across the state and connect with lots of passionate skiers who are all very welcoming and supportive of our program. 

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