Lyndon Institute
An independent day and boarding school for grades 9 - 12 located in northeastern Vermont
Lyndon Institute’s Five-Day Boarding Program
The academic community at Lyndon Institute is  designed to foster a lifetime of curiosity, learning, productivity and global citizenship. 

Lyndon Institute offers a five-day boarding experience for students who want to attend LI, but live far enough away that commuting daily is not feasible. For the past nine years, the five-day boarding program has been a viable option for families who are looking to give their child a valuable residential experience to better prepare them for success in the future.  

Students who choose the five-day boarding option have the best of both worlds:
  • Living on campus gives the student a true boarding experience which is designed to help them grow as individuals, and develop independence, under caring and supportive supervision.
  • It allows the student to be home on the weekends for quality family time, parental oversight of some of the student’s work, and face-to-face assurance for the parent that the student is thriving in their new environment.
  • For the student, it allows them access to home, family, and friends from home on a regular basis, reducing the chances of homesickness particularly in the first semester of school when students are transitioning into their new community.
The five-day boarding program allows students from Vermont and neighboring states to live with students from other countries. Part of the living and learning process at Lyndon Institute is to help students understand their place in the world. This of course means having a better understanding of cultural and religious practices from around the world.


Lyndon Institute
168 Institute Circle
P.O. Box 127
Lyndon Center, VT  05850
844-277-1645 (toll-free)
802-535-3636 (local)
Per Aspera Ad Astra - "Through Hard Work You Reach The Stars"
Lyndon Institute is a comprehensive, independent high school providing thoughtful and rigorous preparation for students of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond to reach their intellectual, creative, and physical potential.