Lyndon Institute
An independent day and boarding school for grades 9 - 12 located in northeastern Vermont
“This is such beautiful country up here, it should be called the Northeast Kingdom.” 
Vermont State Senator George Aiken on a visit to Lyndonville in 1949
*Video used with permission by Green Mountain Drone.

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
It has taken nearly a million years to form the definitive region known as "Vermont's Northeast Kingdom."  Over the eons, the Kingdom's land has been sculpted by the collision of continents, glacial activity and natural erosion into a distinctive foundation of rolling hills, rising mountains and pristine lakes. Time and human habitation have softened the edges, leaving thick forests, lush pastures and meandering streams, as well as picturesque villages, enduring farmsteads and impressive historic edifices. Today, the Kingdom is regarded to be among the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Indeed the area is so special that in 2006 the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations afforded the region a Geotourism designation. Recently the Northeast Kingdom was ranked as the #1 Geotourism destination in the United States and among the top 10 in the world.


Lyndon Institute
168 Institute Circle
P.O. Box 127
Lyndon Center, VT  05850
844-277-1645 (toll-free)
802-535-3636 (local)
Per Aspera Ad Astra - "Through Hard Work You Reach The Stars"
Lyndon Institute is a comprehensive, independent high school providing thoughtful and rigorous preparation for students of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond to reach their intellectual, creative, and physical potential.