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Gifts of Securities

A gift of appreciated securities may be a beneficial way for you to make a gift to Lyndon Institute.  You are entitled to a charitable deduction of the full current market value if you have owned the stock for more than one year.  If you bought or received as a gift stock that was valued at $10 per share which is now worth $100 per share, you may donate it and avoid paying any capital gains tax on the appreciation.  This can be a wonderful way to help LI while you help yourself!


Simply give your gift instructions by telephone to your banker or broker, then follow up with a confirming letter to that person, with a copy to Lyndon Institute (see address at the bottom of this page) that includes the banker's or broker's telephone number.

A sample instruction might read:
Per our recent telephone conversation, I wish to make an irrevocable gift to the Lyndon Institute Independence Fund of (100) shares of (XYZ) Corporation. Please transfer the stock to LI via DTC as follows:

Deliver to DTC Participant  #2042
Agent Bank ID 54877
Institution ID 54877
Account Number 4740000310
Account Name Lyndon Institute Special Funds

Please send a copy of this correspondence to the Development Office at:
Melissa Hall, Director Of Development
Lyndon Institute, PO Box 127
Lyndon Center, VT 05850

Or via fax to 802-535-3767

If you or your banker or broker has any questions about stock gifts, please contact Melissa Hall at 802-535-3773 or by emailing via this link.
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