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Lyndon Institute offers a comprehensive dance program with age-appropriate training for the beginning to advanced teenage dance student.  With a variety of class levels and styles, multiple guest artists, field trips, educational workshops, and numerous performance opportunities throughout the school year, there are many ways in which the dancer can be involved, entertained, and develop skill (mentally, socially, physically) and creativity.

Dance Department Studio

Lyndon Institute's dance program is located in the historic Lyndon Center Town House with an open wood floor, high ceilings, beautiful surrounding windows, portable ballet barres, and moveable mirrors. 
Directions and Campus Map.  Contact Rebecca McGregor, LI Dance Instructor

Exciting Upcoming Performance on the LI Stage -
Every year the students at LI and in the LI Dance Department have the opportunity to see professional dance troupes perform on the LI Stage.  Some times the companies coming in to perform offer masters classes for the LI students and community as well.  Troupes that have come to LI include: Momix, Russian National Ballet, Moscow Ballet, Tango Fusion Dance Company, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance Company, and more.  For more information about performances on the LI stage please visit Kingdom County Productions and the Dance Events page  to check the calendar of events for upcoming school year or contact Rebecca McGregor.

Information about LI Dance Teacher

How our dancers feel about the program...

"It is never dull…we move and learn at the same time…sometimes I forget we are learning so much. We have freedom and choices.  The information and skills are taught in a way that everyone can learn. Everyone participates and everyone contributes.  We learn from our mistakes…and that is okay.  The teacher always supports us, never gives up on us, and pulls the best out of us in every situation.  We are goal oriented, have a vision, and work hard towards success.  The program is accessible to so many different people at different skills and knowledge levels.  We are a team, a family and I love it.  We take pride in our work and enjoy sharing it with our community."
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