One word you hear often in the Lyndon Institute Theater Company is “family”. When you join our program, whether it’s for one production or your entire high school career, you become a part of a distinctive group of mature and accepting young adults. Everyone involved with the Lyndon Institute Theater Company welcomes newcomers with open arms and encourages teamwork. Adults may lead, but the students own the program. Theater is a collaborative art. There are no stars here, only hard workers that lift each other up every day. The Theater Company at Lyndon Institute combines course work with an extracurricular production program. Skills gained in this program are at a professional level − qualifying students for acceptance to excellent undergraduate theater programs and for work in amateur and professional theatrical productions.

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"Lyndon Institute Theater Company not only gives an authentic visual performance, but it also brings students together and forms a true family of theater enthusiasts."

Sawyer Masure, Class of 2015