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Joshua Luke '04 Co-authors New Book

Joshua Luke has written a book in collaboration with other authors. The Fire Within: Shedding Light on Traumapresents 22 true and powerful stories about the military, transition to civilian life, effects of trauma and everything in between. The goal is to bring to light varying and compelling outlooks on post-traumatic stress, while serving as a reminder that you're never alone when it comes to living with the aftermath of trauma. After graduation Joshua Luke went on to attend Vermont Technical College for 2 semesters before joining the Army. In June 2005, he attended basic training at Ft Benning, Georgia, after which he completed the Army's Human Intelligence Collector Basic Course.  During his service, he also completed Defense Language Institute's Persian Course, the Defense Intelligence Agency's Strategic Debriefing Course, Warrior Leader Course, Advanced Leader Course and multiple HT-JCOE trainings. Joshua served as a General Support HUMINT Collector in Baghdad for 15 months during 2006-2007 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He deployed in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom during both 2010-11 and 2012-13 time frames where he served as an interrogator, reports officer, National Directorate of Security Liaison and the Collection Manager for the Strategic Debriefing Center. Joshua separated from the Army honorably in 2014 and went on to serve as a U.S. Senate staffer and now works in Corporate Compliance. His book is available now at
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