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Lyndon Institute U.S. Fish and Wildlife Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winners Announced

Lyndon Institute
Lyndon Institute junior Liv Gahleitner earned the top honors of Best of Show for the State of Vermont in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Junior Duck Stamp Art Program and Contest. After the national judging, her artwork, along with the artwork of other state winners, will tour the United States for a year. Additionally, senior Emmallie Bailey and sophomore Grace Pearce received 1st place acknowledgments, junior Sebastian Whitcomb-Paulson, sophomore Katelyn Humphrey, and senior Ashley Allard received 2nd place, sophomore Trinitie Simonds, sophomore Jorja McLeod, and junior Vicky Valentine received 3rd place, and sophomore Annalle Schreiber, junior Riley Holderby, junior Sidney Giambrone, junior Jinyuan Li, and junior Kasey Barton  received honorable mention. The students’ works were created with supportive instruction from Lyndon Institute visual arts teachers Cindy Helmbreck and Barbara Follett. 

Preparation for the Junior Duck Stamp Contest and involvement in the program requires students to study waterfowl anatomy and habitat. To follow, students express their learning and knowledge by drawing, painting or sketching a picture of an eligible North American waterfowl species. The program also provides an opportunity for students to artistically express the beauty, diversity, and interdependence of wildlife.
The annual Federal Junior Duck Stamp competition combines art and science to teach students in kindergarten through high school about migratory waterfowl habitat preservation and wetland conservation. All 50 states and US territories participate in the contest. The Best of Show from each state and territory are submitted to the national level.  
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