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Lyndon Institute Students Earn National Language Exam Success

The national Spanish, Greek, and Latin examinations are standardized language assessment tests that are given to students voluntarily by language teachers across the United States annually.  The purpose of each of the examinations is to measure the interpretive communication performance and achievement of students who are studying world languages and to further motivate and stimulate their interest in learning. The following students earned awards as a result of their examination score:

Summa Cum Laude/Gold Medal
Level 3 Prose: Jocelynn Tran
Level 2: Nhu Gia Tran
Level 1: Abigail Ham

Maxima Cum Laude/Silver Medal
Level 4 Prose:  James Gilbert
Level 2:  Abbie Ham
Level 1: Kace Colby
Jonna Behrendt

Magna Cum Laude
Level 2: Clara Brockhaus
Tristan Miller
Level 1: Julia Before
Stephanie Pinkerton

Cum Laude
Level 2: Christopher Vanderhoof
Level 1: Grace Pearce
Delaney Noyes


Medalla de Plata/Silver Medal:
Level 1: Andrea Elie
Level 4:  Maria Manuela Di Pace Martins

Medalla de Bronce/Bronze Medal:
Level 1:  Elijah Clarke
Toby Ham
Lindsay Joyal
Level 2:Brittney Smith
Liv Gahleitner
Colby Zaun
Level 3: Andre Cronmiller
Autumn  Chamberlain

Mencion Honorifica/Honorable Mention:
Level 1: Robin Keon
 Stepanka Tesarova
 Krystof Vanek
 Wilson Krause
Level 2: Evan Bollman
 Duncan D’Olimpio
Level 3: Colin Gallagher
 Cody Surprise
 Yan Zhen
Level 4: Joleil Whitney
 Kate O’Farrell

Lyndon Institute students obtained supportive teaching and instruction by LI faculty members Roy Starling, Chris Manges, and Monica Pineda-Hernandez.  

Photo: Lyndon Institute world language students and teachers gather for a group photo following the announcement of the results of the national language examinations.
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