Lyndon Institute
An independent day and boarding school for grades 9 - 12 located in northeastern Vermont
Student Services assists students and their families with key information relating to academics. Contact them for assistance with:
Report Cards 
Academic Transcripts: Release of Records Form
PLEASE NOTE: Transcript requests may take up to two weeks to process. 
Student Information Updates
Registration Forms 
New Student Orientation
Academic Honors and Awards

Student Services is located in the Main Building.
Contact them by calling 802-535-3689 or email.
Graduation Requirements
Minimum graduation requirements include 22 credits.
Distribution of credits is as follows:
English 4
Social Studies 
United States History
Fine and Performing Arts*
Physical Education* 
Health Education 
* Equivalents:
Fine Arts: One year of Introduction to Engineering may
count as a Fine Arts credit.
Physical Education: One semester of dance may count as
1/2 credit of P. E. One completed season of a sport (including
cheerleading) can be counted as 1/2 credit of P. E. Up to two
credits of P. E. may be fulfilled with the above-mentioned
courses or sports activities.
Grading System
The following scale is used for grading:
Numerical Average Grade Points
A+ 97-100 4.33 Excellent
A 93-96 4 Excellent
A- 90-92 3.67 Excellent
B+ 87-89 3.33 Above Average
B 83-86 3 Above Average
B- 80-82 2.67 Above Average
C+ 77-79 2.33 Average
C 73-76 2 Average
C- 70-72 1.67 Average
D+ 67-69 1.33 Below Average
D 65-66 1 Below Average
D- 60-64 0.67 Failing
F less than 60 0 Failing
I     Incomplete

Student Services

List of 2 members.

  • Eileen Goodrich 

    Student Services Coordinator
  • Liliane McHugh 



Lyndon Institute
168 Institute Circle
P.O. Box 127
Lyndon Center, VT  05850
844-277-1645 (toll-free)
802-535-3636 (local)
Per Aspera Ad Astra - "Through Hard Work You Reach The Stars"
Lyndon Institute is a comprehensive, independent high school providing thoughtful and rigorous preparation for students of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond to reach their intellectual, creative, and physical potential.