In an ever changing world, the century-old classroom model must be enhanced by alternative paths to learning customized to meet the unique needs, interests and aspirations of each student. At Lyndon Institute we recognize the value in the many experiences through which learning occurs and strive to provide students with engaging learning opportunities as varied as the students themselves.  Some options include, but are not limited to:

  • applied or work-based learning
  • community based learning
  • career and technical education
  • virtual and blended learning
  • dual enrollment
  • early college
  • traditional coursework
  • independent study


According to our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, Lyndon Institute promises:

  • An academically challenging program that inspires lifelong learning.
  • An engaging and empowering academic environment that nurtures the interests and respects the needs of each student.
  • A safe and caring community that instills a sense of belonging in every student and supports individual growth and exploration.
  • Diverse curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to develop their personal strengths.
  • A treasured network linking students, teachers, and staff with alumni, parents, and members of the broader community locally, nationally, and across the globe.

These promises all have a common thread tying them together: personalized learning opportunities for every student. With the enactment of Vermont’s Act 77 (Flexible Pathways to Graduation) in 2013, the need to provide high-quality academic and experiential education to secondary school learners has only become more essential. By creating strong programs emphasizing student interest, academic skill proficiency, and transferrable skills we can ensure that all learners are prepared for postsecondary success in the college or career of their choice.  Act 77 implies that there is a vast array of unique paths available to learners, which only serves to uphold our Mission, Vision, and Core Values as a visionary document that can help LI be a leader in state, national and global education.