Special Education

Lyndon Institute is an independent high school serving students from Kingdom East and several other supervisory unions. We are approved to serve students in all special education categories and offer a wide range of services to those students. We provide specialized classes and times to address individual student needs for specialized instruction. The department has six full-time case managers and one assistant, and a full-time School-based Clinician. We contract with Northeast Kingdom Mental Health for a full-time Home-School Coordinator and Behaviorist Specialists as needed. We also contract for Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and I-team to provide services as needed. Academic services vary depending on each individual’s needs; some students receive direct instruction from a special educator in a small group setting, and some receive support within the classroom from an instructional assistant where the ratio is 1 general educator to approximately 20 students. In some classes, a special educator provides services along with the general education utilizing a co-teaching model. We work hard to meet the needs of the individual student while providing access to the full range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to all students.

Learning Services

The Learning Services program is designed specifically for students who ­need highly structured, small group instruction. The program places an emphasis on daily living skills, such as cooking, hygiene, social skills, and basic academic skills. Additionally, there is a focus on safety in the home and community. There is time spent each day working with students to access their local community and to develop employability skills in areas of interest to them.

The current ratio is one teacher to five students. Five of the students have Instructional Assistants with them at all times due to health and safety or personal care needs. Students participating in this program are usually eligible in one or more of the following categories: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, multiple disabilities, other health impairments and/or traumatic brain-injury. We have contracted services with Northeast Kingdom Mental Health to work with a behavioral specialist and provide speech/language services with a pathologist 1.5 days a week. Other services, such as, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, I-Team, Counseling, and Home School Coordination are provided on an as-needed basis, based on individual student needs. We work closely with teams around the students to provide for their needs.