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Ready to Apply?

Now that you have decided that Lyndon Institute is the right school for you, let us help guide you through the application process.  The requirements may differ depending upon your student classification: day student, domestic boarding student, or international boarding student.

Day students live locally and commute to Lyndon Institute for the school day.

Domestic boarding students
 are U.S. citizens who live in housing provided by Lyndon Institute.

International boarding students are non-U.S. citizens who live in housing provided by Lyndon Institute.

Lyndon Institute accepts applications for admission on a rolling basis. Typically, applicants should allow three weeks after submission of the completed application packet for a decision.

Once the application materials are complete, Admissions will review them and notify the parents and student of their decision in a timely manner. The decision is based on the candidate's ability to succeed academically and to contribute positively to the Lyndon Institute community.
Lyndon Institute Admissions allows for rolling admission.  This means that there is no specific deadline to apply for admission, but it is to your advantage to plan ahead and apply early as we will cease accepting applications should space no longer be available. Under our rolling admissions policy, we will consider your application as soon as all required application materials have been received.
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