In order to provide health services at LI, the School Nurse is available Monday-Friday 7:45 AM -3:15PM at the Health Center located in Amadon House. Students who become ill during the school day may see the School Nurse for assessment and parents will be contacted based on the nurse's findings. Every effort will be made to keep students in class. Students are encouraged to use the Health Center only when necessary during school hours. Minor first aid supplies are available in classrooms. It is important to remember that day students who are sick before school (ie-fever, vomiting, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms) should not come to school but rather remain at home and consult their health care provider if needed. 

Vermont law requires that students have the following immunizations upon entry to high school: 5 doses of DTP/DTaP) and have a TDaP booster, 4doses of Polio, 3 doses of Hepatitis B,  2 doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 2 doses of Varicella-Chicken Pox (or documentation of natural disease) and a Meningitis vaccine (strongly recommended for day students, required for boarding students). All immunization dates must be on the student's record along with copy of their record from the Pediatrician. Students can be excluded from school if they are not adequately immunized.  If your child is exempt from immunizations, contact the school nurse for an exemption form.



Our counseling center at Lyndon Institute offers short term counseling to students, crisis intervention services, family wellness and mediation, educational presentations, and assists with communication between community resources and other medical professionals. The counseling center works closely with the School Nurse as well as other offices, including Campus Life and Special Education Services. We strive for a team wellness approach as we believe that working together as a community and connecting with our students is a crucial part of their time at LI.