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Dance Club

Students at Lyndon Institute are able to join dance club whether they are/are not enrolled in a dance class. In dance club, students will learn about their body and safe movement practices and gain experience in a particular style/genre of dance and create a choreography to be performed at the winter and spring recitals. This club meets in the Town House weekly.  See the schedule attached.

tap club

Students at Lyndon Institute are able to join tap club whether they have/have not tapped before. Students in tap club will play with percussive body movement, gain a better understanding of tempo and musicality, and create a choreography with tap terminology to be performed in the winter and spring recitals. This club meets in the Town House weekly.  See the schedule attached.

Pointe Club

Students at Lyndon Institute who have solid foundation in ballet techniques have the opportunity to join pointe club. In this club students execute combinations at the barre and in the center to enhance their technical skills and work on choreography in classical pointe style as well as more contemporary approaches on pointe. Choreography set in the fall semester will be performed in the winter recital and choreography set in the spring semester will be performed in the spring recital. Pointe club will meet during the school day when the members agree upon shared/common time. Schedule will be set the first few weeks of each semester.

Hip Hop Club

Students at Lyndon Institute have the opportunity to study some forms of hip hop/break dance in their fall curriculum but as an extension of this work, also have the opportunity to join hip hop club after school if they so choose. In hip hop, students can tailor the styles of hip hop they are interested into a group choreography. This club meets in the Town House weekly.  See the schedule attached.

Club Information

Dance Clubs will meet for assigned times during the school year...
Mrs. McGregor reserves the right to reschedule any club meeting time due to meetings she needs to attend, special events occurring on a particular club day, when many student participants may not be able to attend the rehearsal time, illness, etc.  If Mrs. McGregor needs to reschedule or schedule another rehearsal for a club, she would most likely move the club rehearsal time(s) to another day after school that week if it is possible in her schedule or the student(s) could come in to work during Open/Support Time.  Notification will be posted on the whiteboard in her classroom and announced in classes. 

Open time (academic support time) is a scheduled block of time for students to come in and make up missed work, get extra help on assignments, work on group/solo projects or choreography, student portfolios, own dance work, etc. If the scheduled time does not work as listed on the agenda whiteboard's "Week At A Glance" in the front of the classroom, the dance student must see Mrs. McGregor to set a time to meet that works for both student and teacher.  Mrs. McGregor's schedule may also be flexible during her planning period or her lunch block depending on the week.  It is important students check the whiteboard daily in class for notifications, announcements, and available time for extra help/dance space to work or get caught up.  Thank you.


Extracurriculars for dance at Lyndon Institute include:
  • Annual Big Game (Rival Football Game between STJA and LI) Half Time Show (October)
  • Annual LI Talent Show (fall)
  • Open Houses (fall)
  • Teaching and Performing at Kingdom East After School Programs (throughout the winter/spring)
  • Tours at about 15 Local Elementary and Middle Schools Annually (throughout the school year)
  • Participation and Assistance at the Annual Vermont State Dance Festival (November)
  • Annual Student Dance Showcase (spring)
  • Competitions (spring - if Company chooses to participate and dates for closer event match our calendar)
  • Guest Performances at Local, Statewide, or Community Events (upon request during the school year - Burke Spritzer, YTM, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, etc.)
  • Fun & Fitness Day
  • National Dance Week activities
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