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alpine skiing

John Kresser - Head Coach
Frank Leafe - Assistant Coach

The Lyndon Institute Alpine Ski Team is very fortunate to have a world-class training facility, Burke Mountain, just 15 minutes from campus, as well as a newly extended daily training period. Students may depart campus at 1:00 PM each school day, if schedule allows, and have 2.5 hours to train. There is also training on weekends. 
The extended training puts our program on par with our other varsity sports in terms of quality and quantity of training time. This will allow for us to have timing and video, with analysis, on a regular basis. These are very important tools for learning and progressing in the sport. 
During the last nine years, both Lyndon Institute’s men’s and women’s teams have qualified for the State Championships.  In 2015, the boys’ team was the top Northern Vermont Athletic Conference team, we placed 4th at State Championships, and one of our boys was Vermont State Giant Slalom champion. Lyndon Institute skiers may also participate in USSA sanctioned races based on interest and skill level.
The Alpine racing team trains 5-6 days a week, competes approximately once per week.  Students are encouraged to bring their own ski equipment and will have the opportunity to upgrade their provided pass for recreational skiing on weekends and holidays. 
Head coach John Kresser’s experience includes ten years at Lyndon Institute and 20 years at Burke Mountain Academy. His coaching during that time ranged from working with the youngest levels, to directing the BMA Junior Race Program, to Head Women's Coach, to Head Coach of the program. During that time frame he coached at numerous regional and national camps. Athletes that he has been directly responsible for have won State, Regional and National Championships. He spent 1988 and 1989 with the US Women's slalom and giant slalom teams, winning a gold medal in the World Championships in Beaver Creek Colorado. 
Assistant coach Frank Leafe’s experience includes being involved with the Burke Mountain Academy Junior Program since 1998. Since 2006 Frank has been coaching 14 - 16 year olds in that program and has been assistant coach at Lyndon Institute for the past five seasons.  

A recent article posted to the website states that Lyndon is one of only six American boarding schools to offer interscholastic Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, and Ice Hockey teams, according to The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).”
LI Alpine coach John (JK) Kresser is an example of the trend at the top boarding schools where the schools are choosing “the very best coaches for their winter sports teams”. Coach Kresser is a former coach with the U.S. Women’s slalom and giant slalom teams.
“Student-athletes benefit in many ways from being a part of the program,” says John. “It all begins with the upkeep and organization of the equipment involved with the sport.  There are many components to remember and maintain on a daily basis. This is a large part of an athlete’s potential success.”
He adds: “Alpine skiing is a unique sport in that you actually compete against teammates. We strongly emphasize the team concept while each athlete strives to bring out their best skiing. Our training emphasizes personal growth rather than comparisons. The mountains are a great place to grow, develop and learn to appreciate the outdoors.”
In addition to Ice Hockey, Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Lyndon Institute offers their students the opportunity to participate on interscholastic teams in Indoor Track, Basketball, and Cheerleading.
The LI Alpine program is unique in that they have a former U.S. Ski Team coach, they train at the “first U.S. Ski Team Development Site", and they train just as much as the ski academies during the high school ski season.  Their Alpine Skiing coach John Kresser has made racing stars out of students from all levels. Our son skied almost full-time for two years at Vail (with world-renowned Ski Club Vail) and never saw progression he experienced while skiing under JK's guidance for a much shorter time.
Alison Dominick, Parent
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