What is ACT 77?
With the enactment of Vermont’s Act 77 (Flexible Pathways to Graduation) in 2013, the need to provide high-quality academic and experiential education to secondary school learners has only become more essential. By creating strong programs emphasizing student interest, academic skill proficiency, and transferable skills we can ensure that all learners are prepared for post-secondary success in the college or career of their choice.  Act 77 implies that there is a vast array of unique paths available to learners, which only serves to uphold our Purpose, Promise, and Principles as a visionary document that can help LI be a leader in state, national and global education.

What is Communicating School Redesign?
In the spring of 2016, Director of Specialized Instruction applied for a grant through Up for Learning to bring Adult/Student partnerships together as LI moves toward Personal Learning Plans and Flexible Pathways for students. Through the LI F.L.I.P. (Flexible Lyndon Institute Pathways) program four students and four faculty have worked together with UP for Learning to survey stakeholders and use the survey data to create a Week of Dialogue to inform stakeholders of the intent of Act 77 and the shifts in education today.