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Lyndon Learning Collaborative

Complete Your Last Year of High School and First Year of College at the Same Time

The Lyndon Learning Collaborative between Lyndon Institute and Northern Vermont University (NVU) provides the opportunity for eligible Lyndon Institute seniors to obtain a full year of college academic credit through college-level courses offered by NVU. A majority of the courses are taught at Lyndon Institute, with NVU and Lyndon Institute faculty sharing classrooms. This partnership between the schools enhances dual enrollment and early college initiatives.

The Collaborative provides a head start in higher learning for Lyndon Institute seniors who qualify for the program. Students who complete the college course requirements will graduate as seniors from Lyndon Institute with a high school diploma, and will also have earned a full year of college academic credits, enabling the possibility to enter NVU as a sophomore. Students have the eligibility to earn 24-32 college credits tuition free.

Students in the program are able to finish out their senior year of high school and freshman year of college simultaneously and still participate in high school activities such as athletics and clubs. The coursework, though fully college level, is satisfying both high school and college.

The Collaborative is selective, and both the Lyndon Institute and NVU faculty members who teach in the program evaluate the students who apply to make sure they are a good “fit” and have the ability to successfully participate in the Collaborative. Twenty Lyndon Institute students have been accepted to the program for the 2017-18 school year.
Students who qualify for the Collaborative can expect an academic load that is greater than what students would ordinarily face in their senior year of high school. 
Lyndon Learning Collaborative (LLC) Application

LLC Course Offerings 2019-2020

Students also have the ability to take 2 courses on NVU's campus. Below are links to NVU - Lyndon course offerings and course descriptions:

NVU-Lyndon 2019 Fall Course Offerings

NVU Course Descriptions

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