To follow we are providing you with a variety of information to help you understand all that LI has to offer and to help you get to know our school, its offerings, and our school community.


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    Course Catalog

    Updated: April 22, 2020

    Lyndon Institute's Course Catalog gives students and parents information about the school's advisor/advisee system, class credit requirements, course load, extracurricular activities, the school's grading system, report cards, and schedule changes. It also includes detailed information on course offerings by department.

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    General Brochure

    Updated: April 02, 2020

    The Lyndon Institute General Brochure has been designed to provide you with an overview of what Lyndon Institute has to offer both academically as well as with regard to our school community and values.

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    Course Offerings List

    Submitted: May 15, 2019

    Our Course Offering List has been created to help you easily identify, by grade, courses available to students of Lyndon Institute.

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    January Term Catalog

    Updated: November 08, 2019

    Recognizing that student interest and motivation are vital to educational success, Lyndon Institute provides a January Term aimed at sparking and rekindling student curiosity.

    Between the first and second semesters, for the two to three weeks after the holiday vacation, students participate in an “interim” term to immerse themselves in either an intensive study of subjects of their choosing or an internship. To follow is a link to the January Term Course Catalog for this year. 

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