Dancers at Lyndon Institute have the opportunity each semester to work with professionals in the dance field by taking classes and going to professional performances.  As a dance educator, I know it is imperative to provide relevant teaching moments and opportunities for students that I might not be able to provide them myself from my own professional work and teacher trainer.  So, I make sure to bring in professionals current in the dance world to help my students grow and learn about dance styles and techniques other than the traditional forms learned in our LI dance curriculum, make connections to learning occuring in their curriculum at LI, and see dance beyond the high school experience (college level as well as professional).

Some of the guest artists/residencies that occur/have occurred at LI include:

  • Former LI dancer and '06 graduate, now pro hip hop dancer, Steve Shannon
  • Former LI dancer and '08 graduate, now founder of Alive Dance Collective in Boston, MA, Brenna Banister
  • Tango Fusion Dance Company
  • Flock Dance Troupe
  • Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance Company
  • Dina Danielson, Martha Graham Technique
  • Joan Wiegers, Modern Dance Study and Choreography
  • Pilobolus Workshop (in collaboration through The Hopkins Center for the Arts)
  • Paula Rivera, Nutrition workshops
  • Barnet TradePost, workshops on healthful beings (body and mind)
  • Sarah Paquette, Peak Performance and Training for Dancers

Some of the professional level performances LI dancers have/had the opportunity to attend include:

  • Momix Dance Company
  • The Russian National Ballet
  • The Alvin Ailey Dance Company
  • High Voltage and Rhythm Riderz
  • Martha Graham Dance Company
  • Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance Company
  • Tango Fusion Dance Company
  • Clyde Evans and Chosen

To learn more about upcoming events/residencies/open dance classes for the community/public happening at LI, please contact Rebecca McGregor or call (802) 535-3636.