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Residential Life Program

The boarding program at Lyndon Institute serves as “home away from home” for students from several countries including Afghanistan, the Bahamas, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Syria, Rwanda, Taiwan, Ethiopia, the United States, and Vietnam. The boarding experience adds a new dimension of interaction, dialogue, cultural exchange and learning. The dorms are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere with resident dorm parents living in the dorms to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Residential Life Curriculum

The Resident Life curriculum is based on the premise that learning is not limited to the school day; learning also takes place after school. Learning happens in the residence halls, on the playing fields, during recreation time and when our students are out in the community providing service. We plan to structure student’s time after school with intent and purpose. We have created a residential curriculum that compliments the school’s mission by instilling skills for students to be successful in school, college, careers and life. We plan to use the core values of respect and responsibility as a foundation to develop character and the ability to interact and live with other individuals. Other focal points within the dorm curriculum are time management, structured and independent study, stewardship, community service, and involvement and participation in school activities. 

International Student Program

Throughout its history Lyndon Institute has served international students from many different countries.  Our mission is to prepare our non-native English speaking students to succeed in both academic and social settings using English. We are committed to meeting the academic and social needs of each student through an individualized, rigorous, comprehensive immersion program of English classes that focus on the student’s language proficiency. The Program centers on building the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while developing vocabulary and grammar. Our complete curriculum readies our non-native speakers for taking the TOEFL exam, for success in our academic curriculum and for the rigors of studying English at the University level.

Lyndon Institute encourages our international students to become involved and take leadership roles in groups and activities outside of the classroom to enhance their real-world language skills and enhance their experience in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
Boarding students live in seven dormitories on the Lyndon Institute campus.
The kitchen and recreation areas in the larger dorms serve as a central resource for students to study, make meals, and socialize after school and on weekends.
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