About Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Photo of Burke Mountain in winter.

Photo of Bandstand Park in Lyndonville in winter.

Sunset at Willoughby Lake.

Photo of a stream running through a forest.

A photo of Willoughby Gap from East Burke.

Mountain bikers riding along Darling Ridge in the mist.

It has taken nearly a million years to form the definitive region known as "Vermont's Northeast Kingdom."  Over the eons, the Kingdom's land has been sculpted by the collision of continents, glacial activity and natural erosion into a distinctive foundation of rolling hills, rising mountains and pristine lakes. Time and human habitation have softened the edges, leaving thick forests, lush pastures and meandering streams, as well as picturesque villages, enduring farmsteads and impressive historic edifices. Today, the Kingdom is regarded to be among the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Indeed the area is so special that in 2006 the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations afforded the region a Geotourism designation. Recently the Northeast Kingdom was ranked as the #1 Geotourism destination in the United States and among the top 10 in the world.



The Northeast Kingdom is located in the far northeastern corner of the Vermont and includes the counties of Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans. There are two interstates that lead into the region: I-91 & I-93, making access to the region easy and accessible from all points in the Northeast and southern Canada.

The Northeast Kingdom has three international airports within 2.5 hours of our border.  These include:

The Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, the Lyndon Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Burke Area Chamber of Commerce all host websites that feature area accommodations, dining options, activities, and events.  These are great resources for planning a trip to visit Lyndon Institute.


*Video used with permission by Green Mountain Drone.

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