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girls hockey

Matt Robert - Head Coach
Mike Matteis - Assistant Coach

The Lyndon Institute Girls Ice Hockey Team is a combined program with North Country Union High School. This combined team, known as the Kingdom Blades, practices four times a week during the season at the Jay Ice Haus and the Fenton Chester Arena.  The hockey season begins in mid-November and ends in early March.  The team plays 20 regular season games and playoff games.  

Fenton Chester Arena, the on-campus hockey facility, opens for play in the late fall approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of the high school ice hockey season in which our players have optional ice time prior to the start of the season. In addition, team members may participate in local adult pickup league as an opportunity to play one or two times a week with former high school and college players in a high-level game atmosphere. This provides our players with extra hours of high-level game experience weekly throughout the season. Fenton Chester Arena also offers stick and puck time during the week and weekend that provides additional opportunities for skill development. 
Our team also participates in strength training with a professional service (XIP Training Systems). This training is scheduled two days a week throughout the school year, utilizing the Performance Center facility on our campus.

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